In order to register, please send an e-mail (with the subject "application") to Daniele Faenzi <>
Deadline: April 30, 2002


The members of the scientific committee and the speakers of the conference will be accomodated in Hotel Bellettini, via dei Conti 7, phone 055-213561, fax 055-283551

The other partecipants have to book a room in other hotels personally. We advise to book in broad advance. We suggest:

Hotel Corolle, via Caccini 24 (very near Department of Mathematics "U.Dini") c.a.p. 50141, phone 055-4221991, fax 055-4221993
Prices for the partecipants to the conference: single room 66 euros, double room 100 euros (when you phone, specify that the conference is at Dipartimento di Matematica "U. Dini").

Hotel Adam, via Monalda 1, phone 055 210369, fax 055 219689
Prices for the partecipants to the conference: single room 75 euros, double room 120 euros.

To find the names and the addresses of all hotels in Florence click here , then, if you prefer, click on "english version", then in the english version click on the word "accomodation", then on the word "hotel", then select Firenze in "place" (in the italian version click on the word "ospitalita'", then on "albergo", then select Firenze in "localita'").


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