Algebraic cycles, Hodge theory, curves and their moduli and related topics

A conference in memory of Fabio Bardelli

Florence, May 22-25, 2002


Wednesday 22

9.00-9.30 registration
9.30 opening: Paolo Marcellini (Firenze), Maurizio Cornalba (Pavia), Margherita Galbiati (Pisa), Alessandro Verra (Roma III)
10.00-10.50 Claire Voisin (Paris VI): A counterexample to the Hodge conjecture
extended to Kahler varieties
Coffee break
11.30-12.20 Alberto Albano (Turin): On the Griffiths group of certain threefolds, some of which are of general type
12.45 Lunch

14.30-15.20 Christina Birkenhake (Mainz): Complete subvarieties of moduli spaces

of complex tori
15.40-16.30 Robert Varley (Athens): Deformations of the special divisor variety of an etale double cover of curves
Coffee break
17.00-17.50 Luca Migliorini (Bologna): Chow groups of semismall resolutions


Thursday 23

9.00-9.50 Barbara Fantechi (Udine): Orbifold cohomology and orbifold Chow ring
Coffee break
10.30-11.20 Stefan Muller-Stach (Essen): Massey Products in Motivic Cohomology

11.40-12.30 Vassil Kanev (Palermo): Hurwitz spaces of triple coverings of

elliptic curves and moduli spaces of abelian threefolds
12.45 Lunch
14.30-15.20 Maurizio Cornalba (Pavia): Remarks on higher spin structures

Coffee break

16.00 Remembering Fabio

17.15-18.00 about, Concert dedicated to Fabio (C. Birkenhake (bassoon), S. Muller-Stach (flute), S. Paglicci (clarinet), music by Beethoven and Mozart)

Friday 24

9.00-9.50 Alberto Conte (Turin): On unirationality of double covers of projective space of fixed degree and large dimension; a method of Ciliberto
Coffee break
10.30-11.20 Bert Van Geemen (Milan): Quaternionic Pryms and Hodge cycles.

11.40-12.30 Marco Manetti (Roma La Sapienza): L-infinity morphisms, cohomology and obstructions

12.45 Lunch

14.30-15.20 Elena Rubei (Florence) On syzygies of Segre embeddings

Coffee break

15.50-16.40 Edoardo Sernesi (Roma III): On the Hilbert scheme of a Prym variety

20.30 Social dinner

Saturday 25

9.00-9.50 Pietro Pirola (Pavia): Normal Functions on Jacobian Loci
Coffee break
10.30-11.20 Fabrizio Catanese (Bayreuth): Deformation types of complex manifolds and symplectic structures of  algebraic surfaces.

11.40-12.30 Herbert Clemens (Salt Lake City): Curves on generic hypersurfaces