My name is Kanishka Ariyapala. Currently I am a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics, University of Florence, Italy. My PhD program is a joint program between University of Florence and University of Perugia. I am supervised by Prof. Mauro Conti University of Padua and by Prof. Cristina Pinotti from University of Perugia. My research interests are context aware computing, participatory computing, security and energy saving in smartphones.

         I am an undergraduate from University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). I earned my general degree in computer science in 2011. Based on my performance I was eligible to do the fourth year specialization, which is offered to a selected number of students. During the first three years I received through academic training on different areas of computer science. During the fourth year I received training on advanced topics in computer science and conducting research. Few interesting courses I followed during the period were: Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases, Computer Networking, Software Engineering, Electronics, Image processing and Special topics in computer science. I successfully completed my graduate studies in 2012.