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Cetraro (Cosenza)

Hotel S. Michele Cetraro (Cosenza)
tel.: +39-0982-91012 - fax: +39-0982-91430.

How to reach Cetraro

By train
Cetraro is a beatiful location on the Tirrenian coast of Calabria. The nearest train station is Paola, located along the line Roma-Napoli-Salerno-Reggio Calabria. Paola (15 Km south of Cetraro) can be easily reached even by fast trains (Eurostar and Intercity trains do stop in Paola).
The trip from Rome to Paola is about 5 hours long (fast train). The trip from Napoli to Paola is about 3 hours with fast trains and 3h,40' with local train stopping in Cetraro.

If informed in time, the hotel will send a car to the station, both in Cetraro (free of charge) or Paola (charge service).
Complete informations on the train schedules can be found (in Italian, English, French, German or Spanish) on the Italian Railways web site.

By air
The nearest Airport is Lamezia Terme (about 75 km south of Cetraro). If informed in advance the hotel can send a car to the Airport (charge service).

By car
Follow the freeway Roma-Napoli-Reggio Calabria and exit in Lagonegro Nord Fondo Valle Noce; then S.S 18 (coastal road - labelled as N.18 in the maps) southway (to Reggio Calabria) until Km. 293,100.