Publications of Luigi De Pascale

Preprint and recents:

  • M.Colombo, L.De Pascale, S.Di Marino
    Multimarginal optimal transport maps for 1-dimensional repulsive costs,
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  • Journal Articles:

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      On the twist condition and c-monotone transport plans,
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    2. G.Buttazzo, L.De Pascale, P.Gori-Giorgi,
      Optimal-transport formulation of electronic density-functional theory,
      Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 85, n.6 (2012), (062502) 1-11
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    3. L.De Pascale,
      The Monge problem in Rd : Variations on a theme II,
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    4. T.Champion, L.De Pascale,
      The Monge problem in Rd : Variations on a theme I,
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      (Notes of Scientific Seminars of the St.Petersburg Department of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences)
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      Monge ’ s Transport Problem in the Heisenberg Group
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      A strategy for non-strictly convex transport costs and the example of ||x − y||p in R2
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      Fixed points for some non obviously contractive operators.
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      Limits of Inner Superposition Operators and Young's Measures.
      ZAA-The Journal for Analysis and its Applications. Volume 18 (1999), No.4, 849-858.

    27. All the papers are electronicaly available upon request. (Some of them is also available on the preprint server CVGMT)

    Proceedings and Lecture Notes:

    1. G. Buttazzo, L. De Pascale
      Optimal shapes and masses, and optimal transportation problems.
      Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1813, Optimal Transportation and Applications, Springer, Berlin (2003), 11-52
    2. T. Champion, L. De Pascale
      On the power law asymptotics for a model of dielectric breakdown.
      Homogenization 2001, Proceedings of the first HMS2000 international school and conference on homogenization, Napoli, june 18-27 2001,
      World Scientific Pub. (2003), 231-236

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