Dipartimento di Matematica "U.Dini"
                                                              Università di Firenze
                                                              Prof. Paolo Marcellini
                                                              tel.: 055 4237 151

Below you can find some recent papers, in dvi and in PDF.
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B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI-E.PAOLINI, Origami and Partial Differential Equations, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 57 (2010), 598-606.   PDF preprint    PDF Journal reprint

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI-E.PAOLINI, Functions with orthogonal Hessian, Differential and Integral Eq., 23 (2010), 51-60.    PDF

G.CUPINI-P.MARCELLINI-E.MASCOLO, Regularity under sharp anisotropic general growth conditions,  Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems B, 11 (2009), 67–86.     PDF Journal reprint

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI-E.PAOLINI, Lipschitz-continuous local isometric immersions: rigid maps and origami, Journal Math. Pures et Appl., 90 (2008), 66-81.   PDF preprint    PDF Journal reprint

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI-E.PAOLINI, An explicit solution to a system of implicit differential equations, Annales de L’Institut Henri Poincaré. Analyse Non Linéaire, 25 (2008), 163-171.    PDF

P.MARCELLINI -G.PAPI, Nonlinear elliptic systems with general growth, J. Differential Equations, 221 (2006), 412-443.    PDF preprint    PDF Journal reprint

I.FONSECA-N.FUSCO-P.MARCELLINI, Topological Degree, Jacobian Determinants and Relaxation, Boll. Unione Mat. Ital., 8 (2005), 187-250.         dvi   PDF

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI, Viscosity solutions, almost everywhere solutions and explicit formulas, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 356 (2004), 4643-4653.    PDF

I.FONSECA-N.FUSCO-P.MARCELLINI, On the Total Variation of the Jacobian, J. Functional Analysis, 207 (2004), 1-32.    PDF

I.FONSECA-N.FUSCO-P.MARCELLINI, On the total variation of the Jacobian, preprint n.16 del Dipartimento di Matematica “U.Dini”, luglio 2002.         dvi   PDF

M.GORI-F.MAGGI-P.MARCELLINI, On some sharp conditions for lower semicontinuity in L^1, Differential and Integral Equations, 16 (2003), 51-76.      dvi   PDF

M.GORI-P.MARCELLINI, An extension of the Serrin's lower semicontinuity theorem, J. Convex Analysis, 9 (2002), 475-502.      dvi   PDF

I.FONSECA-N.FUSCO-P.MARCELLINI, An existence result for a nonconvex variational problem via regularity, Control, Optimization and Calculus of Variations, 7 (2002), 69-95.      dvi   PDF

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI-C.TANTERI, Équations de type implicite avec contraintes, Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, 330 (2000), 271-274.      PDF

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI, Implicit partial differential equations,  Birkhäuser, Boston, 1999.   dvi   PDF  (The files contain only the Introduction to the book)

L.AMBROSIO-I.FONSECA-P.MARCELLINI-L.TARTAR, On a volume constrained problem, Arch. Rational Mech. Anal., 149 (1999), 21-47.      dvi   PDF

B.DACOROGNA-P.MARCELLINI, Cauchy–Dirichlet Problem for First Order Nonlinear Systems, Journal of Functional Analysis, 152 (1998), 404-446.     PDF

P.MARCELLINI-K.MILLER, Elliptic versus parabolic regularization for the equation of prescribed mean curvature, J. Differential Equations, 137 (1997), 1-53.    PDF