BFO BFO (Brute-Force Optimizer) is a Matlab package to solve unconstrained or bound-constrained optimization in continuous and/or discrete variables. The implemented Derivative-Free algorithm is based on the work [Porcelli, Toint, 2015].


TRESNEI     TRESNEI (Trust-REgion Solver for systems of Nonlinear Equalities and Inequalities)            


L2RT     L2RT is a Fortran 95 package (part of the GALAHAD library) which approximately solves a regularized least l2-norm minimization problem. The implemented algorithm is based on the works [Cartis, Gould, Toint, BIT 2009] and [Bellavia, Cartis, Gould, Morini, Toint, SINUM 2010].

NOSA     NOSA is a finite element code developed by the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Laboratory of ISTI-CNR with the aim of testing new constitutive models for materials, checking the algorithm used for integrating the equations of the motion, as well as other numerical techniques for solving structural engineering problems. NOSA can be used to study the static and dynamic behaviour of masonry buildings of historic and architectural interest and model the effectiveness of strengthening operations.