Birth date: 13 November 1940
Birth place: Rome (Italy)
Married, 1 son
Degree in Physics (Laurea), University of Florence, November 1962
Military Service: Military Geographic Institute (Oct. 1967, Dec. 1968).


University Positions

Researcher (1963) at the Ionized Gases Laboratory, Frascati (Rome)
Assistant Professor (since 1967) and Associate Professor (since 1970) at the University of Florence
Full Professor ( Rational Mechanics and Applied Mathematics) at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Florence (since 1975). Emeritus Professor (since 2012)


Academic duties

Chairman of the Corso di Laurea in Matematica (1978 - 79)
Adjoint of the Rector for the International Relationships of the University (1983 - 1991)
Dean of the Faculty of Sciences (1984 - 87)
Member of the Governing Board of the Department of Mathematics (1990 - 95)
Chairman of the Graduate School in Mathematics 1993 - 95 and 2002-2010


Direction and/or co-direction of major research projects

U.S.A.E.R.O.: "Free Boundary Problems in Diffusion with Mass Transfer" (1982 - 84)
European Community: "Mathematical Models of Phase Transitions and Numerical Simulation" (1987-88)
SNAMPROGETTI/ENIRICERCHE/University of Florence: "Rheology of Concentrated Coal-Water Suspensions" (1988 - 1992)
C.N.R. : "Nonlinear Filtration and Applications" (1990 - 91)
European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry: "Mathematical Models for Percolation of Coffee" (1991-96 )
U.S.A.E.R.O.: "Ground freezing" (1992-95)
European Science Foundation: "Free Boundary Problems and Applications" (1993 - 1999)
Agenzia 2000 CNR: "Nonlinear Diffusion and Applications" (2000-2003)
AGIP: "Flow assurance and waxy crude oils " (2003-2009)
European Union: "New and Emerging Themes in Industrial and Applied Mathematics " (2004-2007)
Italy-Spain Integrated Actions: "Mathematical Models for the Diffusion of Criminality in Urban Areas " (2007-2010)
European Science Foundation:"Mathematics in Industry" (2008-2011)
Tuscan Regional Government: "SID&GRID: water resources management " (2010- )
Foundation for Research and Innovation: "CREA: beneficiation of mine drainage " (2010- )


International Conferences and Courses organized and/or co-organized

Symposium on "Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications" (1981)
Workshop on "Solidification of Binary Alloys" (1985)
CIME Course on "Nonlinear Diffusion" (1986)
CIRM Course on "Mathematical Problems in Environmental Protection and Ecology" (1991)
ECMI Conference (1993)
Euromech 333 on "Filtration in Porous Media" (1995)
SIMAI 2002
SIMAI 2004
NEST Conference on "Mathematical Criminology "
Bilateral Conference SIMAI-JSIAM 2006
SIMAI-SMAI-SMF-UMI Congress 2006
Italian-Latinoamerican Conference in Applied Mathematics 2007
SIMAI - SIAM Conference 2008


Other activities

Reviewer of Mathematical Reviews
Reviewer of Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
Referee for evaluation of research projects (National Science Foundation-USA; Conseil National Recherche Scientifique- France; CODEST - European Community; Jacob Blaustein Center -Israel; Centres of Excellence Program - Japan; Third World Academy of Sciences)
Member of Commitees for Ph.D. examinations in Paris, Delft, Augsburg, Madrid, Bremen
Member of the Evaluation Committee I.M.A. Minneapolis - I.A.C. Rome
NATO Senior Fellow at Austin, Texas, USA
Christensen Fellow of St. Catherine's College, Oxford, U.K.
Vice President of the Italian Commission for UNESCO
Socio of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
Socio of the Accademia della Colombaria
Mayor of Firenze (1995-1999)
President of I2T3 (Industrial Innovation Through Technological Transfer)
Member of the Board of Administration of the Florence Foundation for Research and Innovation
Chair of the Applied Mathematics Committee of the European Mathematical Society (2005-2011)
Member of the Panel of Evaluation of the Starting Grants in Mathematics of the European Research Council
Officer of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2007-2015)


Member of Scientific Committees

A) National

Gruppo Nazionale Fisica Matematica (CNR): 1982 - 85
Unione Matematica Italiana: 1981 - 84 and 1988 - 94
Centro Italiano Matematico Estivo: 1981 - 90
Istituto Analisi Numerica Pavia: 1992 - 95
Italian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIMAI (2001 -
Program Committee for AIMETA Conference Pisa 1989
Organizing Committee for European Consortium of Mathematics in Industry Conferences
Program Committee for SIMAI Conferences from 1992 to 2010

B) International
European Liaison Committee for Free Boundary Problems: 1980-
School of Advanced Studies in Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1992-1996
Program Committee of the International Conference in Applied Mathematics ICIAM 1995
Program Committee of the International Conference "Free Boundaries" Bled 1995
Program Committee of the Italian - Latinoamerican Conferences in Applied Mathematics ITLA 1995, ITLA 2000, ITLA 2004,ITLA2007, ITLA2012
Scientific Committee of the Brazilian-Italian Congress of Mathematics (2015-2016)
Prize Committee for ICIAM2007, EMS2016
Chair of the Scientific Committee for the ESF Forward Look "Mathematics and Industry"
Chait of the Executive Committee of the European network EU-MATHS-IN for industrial mathematics


Scientific Societies

SIMAI (Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale) President
UMI (Unione Matematica Italiana)
AIMETA (Associazione Italiana di Meccanica Teorica e Applicata)
GNFM (Gruppo Nazionale Fisica Matematica)
EMS (European Mathematical Society)


Member of Editorial Boards

Bollettino Unione Matematica Italiana (1985-88)
I.M.A. Journal of Applied Mathematics (1985-89)
European Journal of Applied Mathematics (1990-1995, and 2004- )
Meccanica (1990-1996 )
Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Tokyo (1991- )
Communications in Applied Analysis (1996- )
Interfaces and Free Boundaries (1999-2002)
Rendiconti Lincei Matematica e Applicazioni RLM (1992-)
SIMAI e-Lecture Notes (2007-)
Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies (2008-)
Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics(2010-)
Journal of Mathematics in Industry (2011-)
Encyclopedia of Mathematics (2011-)
International Mathematical Journal for Science (2011-)
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2011-)
Journal of Applied Mathematics (2012-2017)
Acque sotterranee-Italian Journal of Groundwater (2012-)


Scientific Visits (2 weeks and more)

Austin, USA (NATO Senior Fellow);
Beijing, China (Lecturer at Ph.D. course Tsinghua University);
Chiba, Japan;
Helsinki, Finland (Graduate Course taught at Rolf Nevannlinna Institute);
Minneapolis, USA (Institute for Mathematics and Applications);
Novosibirsk, Russia (Lavrentiev Institute of Hydrodymanics);
Oxford, U.K. (Christensen Fellow);
Paris, France (Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées);
Sao Carlos, Brazil (and other Brazilian universities);
Rosario, Argentina (Lecturer at the Free Boundary Seminar);
Tel Aviv, Israel.


Invited lectures at Conferences and Short Visits

San Diego, Claremont, Gatlinburg, Stony Brook, Princeton, Honolulu, Evanston, Laurel, New Orleans, Tampa, Vancouver, London, Durham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Metz, Maubuisson, Nice, Caen, Nancy, Irsee, Oberwolfach, Neustadt, Berlin, Augsburg, Munchen, Beersheva, Montreal, Jyvaskyla, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Kyoto, Madrid, Granada, Jerusalem, Lisboa, Salta, Buenos Aires, Leiden, Delft, Algiers.


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