q       It is suggested to go to the heading "Publications" and to click on the most recent tiltles. Here, some topics are listed

q       Tumour growth: the a-vascular case

Models for tumour growth are being discussed incorporating the possible transition of cells through different stages of activity.



q       Chemotaxis

The concept of "maximum packing" has been introduced and the corresponding free boundary problem has been discussed. Cases of two populations interacting have been also considered, studying the bifurcation of nontrivial stationary solutions.
Blow-up of solutions and their possible continuation are currently studied


q       Homogenization problems for nonlinear problems with non – local conditions

Nonlinear diffusion of oxygen and interaction with an array of capillaries has been studied as a model problem in this class. A more general situation incorporating storage of oxygen in hemoglobine has been considered as well.

More general problems of sorption/desorption are being investigated, also in connection with pollution of soils.


q       Industrial mathematics

Diffusion of wax in crude oils, comparison between laboratory experiments and field measurements etc. are being considered.

Several problems in various areas are currently under investigation, essentially through I2T3 (Industrial Innovation Through Technological Transfer). Some of them are subject to confidentiality.



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