Some remarks on Schwarz-Christoffel transformations from
the unit disk to a regular polygon
and their numerical computation
by Damiano Bonciani and Fabio Vlacci
Here you can download an electronic version of the paper:
PostScript PostScript version (176 KB)
PDF Adobe PDF version (240 KB)
It is also available for download the MATLAB GUI nagongui.m, used in the paper cited above:
nagongui.m.gz MATLAB script file (6 KB)
readme.txt.gz How install the GUI (0,4 KB)
How it is said in the how-to file, the script works using the Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox, a MATLAB toolbox developed by Tobin A. Driscoll. This is freely available at his software page; please download the toolbox version suitable to your MATLAB release (5 or 6).
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