BiMD (release 1.1.2, November 2014)

The code BiMD is made up of the following two files:
A compressed file containing the above routines is also available.

In the following, we report some numerical results, on a suitable set of stiff test problems taken from the Geneva Test Set and from the Test Set for IVP Solvers
. The obtained results are compared with those provided by some of the best currently available codes: DASSL, GAM, MEBDFDAE, RADAU, and RADAU5. The numerical experiments have been performed on an ALPHAserver DS20E, with a 667MHz EV67 processor, by using the Fortran 90 compiler f90 with the optimization options -O5 -fpe1.

To solve this set of problems with the code BiMD, the driver
containing the main routine and defined accordingly to the Test Set for IVP Solvers style, can be used.

Test problems:
Some Notes.

Any comment concerning the code is welcome: please report them to either Luigi Brugnano or Cecilia Magherini.

Updated: November 27, 2014